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Many new studies have proven that antidepressants can have many harmful side effects and indicate that maybe they aren’t as helpful either. Some of the symptoms include heart attacks, strokes, added behavior problems, and addiction. Often this is the result of rather than taking the time to find a effective treatment for the individual mental illness, they simply throw drugs at the symptoms and hope that it works with limited observation. It’s easier when they have no canned solution… Therapists have been realizing that proper therapeutic techniques applied as a result of listening to their patients better is often better than drugging their patients.

Since Genesis, mental illness has been a part of our lives. As early as Cain and Able, Cain’s obsessive behavior combined with his jealous outrages lead to him killing his own brother Able in cold blood. He wanted attention in a way that he didn’t receive and lashed out to take it. Adam and Eve had many problems consumed with trying to survive chaotic happenings.

Throughout the centuries, many have followed Cain’s path, and others went further off into more deadly paths. For many things, often for money or in hatred; many become predators on earth. The results have been horrid, in ways such as mass murder, mutilation, dismemberment, and widespread slaughter at its worst. Today much is still based in these sorts, just not as large in their occurrences (hidden well and covered up).

Mental illness comes in many forms, and none of them are exclusive from the rest. Deeply rooted in them are jealousy, envy, resentment, anger, hatred and many other issues. These can cause all sorts of problems that can escalate to long-term problems that are deep and can even cause physical problems if not dealt with well. Everybody experiences this, however some more than others. In all events, they help develop our daily habits and our behaviors.

Often mental health experts will contribute to the problem by prescribing drugs that either cause additional problems, or bury the problem, leaving the patient learning to live simply with the problem buried (as long as the drug is used). The intension of the drugs is to control mind processes and behaviors. Antidepressants are a large amount of these. Some are dangerous to stop cold turkey once they have been on them. Effexor XR for example stopped immediately can lead to suicidal tendencies, violent outbursts, impulsive behavior to the extreme, and more. Digging up the buried problems just catches up with the time since it was buried, adding new additional ones. With many cases piling up, it’s surprising that the prescriptions continue to grow rather than becoming a little more careful.

In some cases, antidepressants have proven to bring on heart attacks, and cause bone degeneration. In addition they have been attributed to increased likeliness for drug and alcohol dependency.

It’s hard to pick medicines for mental health as most of the patients and the very roots of their problems differ.

In terms of help, one person helping another has historically proven invaluable. Unfortunately many think that only those that have degrees have the answers, and many of the mentally ill people know that the experts are making many mistakes. They live with this every day. The blame goes in the wrong direction though, and not where the mistakes are happening. A lot of it is in one nation under one rule, and they do little to encourage improvements in this area as well.

One good historical example that shows a lot of the rest of this article is the rampant use of the drug Ritalin in the 70s and 80s, as a common treatment for Hyperactivity, and Attention Deficit Disorder. Many of those that were more or less a part of those days are now found in prison and other means of holding. Some of them grew beyond to do horrific things. You won’t likely find any of them well involved in the nation and rule though. While the drug would have useful effect when in use, it simply buried a lot and later on when taken off the drug, the young adults would experience a lot of problems, and often future addiction troubles as well.

There are likely many other conditions and problems that could carry similar stories. Keep in mind; the patients have even indicated the problems before bigger problems occurred though weren’t listened to. Instead of being helped in the beginning, many of these simply get contained as lesser beings in the end.

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